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I'm gonna get you warmed up with some great shots of August in her lingerie stripping naked before we skip to her sleeping on the sofa. Her boyfriend's son wakes her up as he wants to watch a game. She on her side thought he was touching her boobs though and didn't want him to stop.


So she pulled out his schlong and gave him a magnificent blowjob. He had already forgotten all about the game. He pulled that g-string off and pounded her tight pussy and also gave it a good lick. He finished her off in missionary position before he could clear up the misunderstanding and watch the game ;)






































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August fucks and sucks for a facial in this episode which you will get to see pretty quick as the pictures are out of order :) Very nice quality scene though! Enjoy!



















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For a site called Deep Throat Love this scene didn't have much deep throating in it ;) None as far as I could see, maybe the video is different though.


August was doing her daily workout after work when her husband came in and disrupted her training. He could offer her training as well but of a totally different nature. I think you get what I'm trying to say here. So he whipped out his dick and got his perfect girlfriend to give him a spectacular blowjob. After getting his knob wet he rammed it between her juicy boobs then penetrated her moist pussy on the floor.
























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